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December 13, 2012

Not As If We Haven't Seen It Before

How about a little tidbit to provoke some thought about how reading can become part of a long conversation down through the years? You've got it:

Reading the Bible with the resources of the new learning, the reformers challenged the exegetical conclusions of their medieval predecessors at many points. However, unlike Alexander Campbell in the nineteenth century, their aim was not to “open the New Testament as if mortal man had never seen it before.” Rather, they wanted to do their biblical work as part of an interpretive conversation within the family of the people of God.

— Timothy George, "General Introduction," Reformation Commentary on Scripture, Old Testament vol. 1, Genesis 1-11, ed. John L. Thompson (InterVarsity Press, IVP Academic, 2012), xxxvii.

Genesis 1-11, Reformation Commentary on Scripture

That's it. I don't have anything particular more to offer — just some words worth reading.

(I'll offer a meaty quotation like this once in a while, one that can stand on its own two legs in this new category of Quotations, if that's OK?)

But Speaking of the RCS...

We've been building a new way for readers to sign up for our "continuity" programs, including the Reformation Commentary on Scripture. (Continuity in this context basically means you "subscribe" to the set, receiving each volume automatically as soon as it comes out. In our case, it also means you get some freebies to start and then a fat discount on each volume.)

Anyway, this week we're deploying a new system that builds the sign-up form dynamically on the fly, adjusting it for each kind of potential member and type of continuity program. If you'd like to check it out, you can get a sneak peek right here. (And yes, everything's fully functional, so feel free to sign up, if you'd like to!)

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