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December 28, 2012

[Extra] "Mission IVPossible" at Urbana

For regular readers of Behind the Books, I ask your patience: this post is a bit of a tangent. I interrupt our regular conversation (just this once) to publish details of a contest we're running during InterVarsity's Urbana 12 student missions conference this week. Even if you're not one of the 18,000 attendees in St. Louis, you're certainly welcome to follow along!

What we're doing is a "scavenger hunt" of sorts, in which Urbana attendees tackle various challenges and win IVP books as their prize. We'll be updating this page repeatedly throughout Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday, so depending on when you're reading this, you may see more or less detail below. If you're at Urbana and you want to play, be sure to follow @ivpress on Twitter or InterVarsity Press on Facebook in order to learn about the challenges as they happen.

Some quick ground rules:

  1. #1 All missions will end at the Book Info Booth in the Urbana bookstore. Anyone at the booth in an orange vest is qualified to deem you the winner and hand out your book prize.
  1. #2 Each day, the new mission will be posted via Facebook & Twitter on the hour at 1:00, 3:00 & 5:00 CST.
  1. #3 In many cases, the winner of each mission will be a subjective choice made at the sole discretion of the Book Info Booth staff.

As you can see from the challenges, you must be at Urbana in order to play (not to mention in order to claim your prize). But if you're not in St. Louis, never fear! Stay tuned to Behind the Books, because we're sure to have more giveaways soon. And you can still benefit from the fact of Urbana even now — because we've knocked 30% off nearly everything at ivpress.com to match our prices in the Urbana Bookstore.

Without further ado….

Mission IVPossible: The IVP Urbana Bookstore Challenge


1:00 pm:

Go to the Book Info booth and state the first year of what is now best known as the Urbana Student Missions Conference.

3:00 pm:

Find the Mission Year booth in the exhibit hall and bring back a brochure or promo piece to the Book Info booth. The first person to do this wins a copy of Leroy Barber's Everyday Missions.

5:00 pm:

If you have a birthday on Christmas Day (12/25) or New Year's Day (1/1) you'll win a copy of The Gospel of Christmas! Be the first to show an ID to someone at the Book Info booth.


1:00 pm:

Be the first to show your #mymissionis picture to someone at the Book Info booth, and you'll win a copy of Living Mission by Scott Bessenecker. Visit the Likewise Books booth in the bookstore to take a picture if you haven't already!

3:00 pm:

Read two sentences from page 52 of Following Jesus Through the Eye of the Needle to someone at the Book Info booth (You may have to hunt it down in the bookstore). The first person to do so will win the book!

5:00 pm:

Change your Facebook profile picture to an IVP book cover. The first person to show their new picture to the Book Info booth will win a copy of Dallas Willard's Hearing God.


1:00 pm:

Write a limerick about Urbana. The first to share it at the Book Info booth will win Awaken Your Senses by Brent Bill and Beth Booram!

3:00 pm:

Bring a baby to the Book Info booth. (We recommend that it be your own baby. We do not condone kidnapping of any kind.) The winner of this challenge will receive a copy of Global Misson Handbook.

5:00 pm:

Bring a picture to the Book Info booth of yourself wearing an Urbana shirt anywhere outside. Be the first one and you'll win a copy of Misreading Scripture with Western Eyes!


1:00 pm:

Come to the Book Info booth with another person who has the same first name as you. The first two to arrive will both receive a copy of The Story of God, The Story of Us by Sean Gladding.

3:00 pm

Show someone at the Book Info booth a picture of you with an IVP author. Get in line for a book signing as an easy-in! The first person to complete this mission will win a copy of Operation World.

5:00 pm

The first person to bring a truely awful ID picture to the Book Info booth will win a copy of Community is Messy by Heather Zempel.

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