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August 29, 2011

God In a Brothel

I read an article today about a large sex-trafficking ring that was busted right here in Chicago. The descriptions of the crimes perpetrated against women and girls, in some cases as young as 12, by these evildoers both broke my heart and enraged me. Sometimes we Christians think anger is unchristian—an emotion we shouldn’t allow ourselves to feel. But God kindles a righteous indignation in the face of such injustice. So should we. And it should lead us to act.

For a while after I read the article I felt powerless to respond. I’m not in law enforcement. I’m not an undercover investigator. What can I do? But then I realized I was forgetting a major tool at my disposal, one that is uniquely available to me because of my job here at InterVarsity Press. I can use the power of words to increase awareness and support others who are at the front lines of the abolitionist battle. Daniel Walker is just such a person who has worked in the front lines and now strives to tell the world what he saw there. God in a Brothel: An Undercover Journey into Sex Trafficking and Rescue is Daniel’s firsthand account of the horrors of the sex-trafficking industry.

3806.jpgOne reviewer said this about the book: “Most books I’ve read from Christian publishers are ‘nice’… God in a Brothel is not one of those books.” But then, sex trafficking is not a nice topic, is it? God in a Brothel isn’t nice. It disturbed me significantly, as well it should have. But like most books that can rouse us from our “nice” slumber, it is powerful and uncomfortable, and it has the potential to literally change the world.

In it you’ll meet Daniel Walker, an ex-undercover agent who has courageously shared his story of infiltrating the multi-billion dollar global sex industry. It is a difficult journey into this world, and even more difficult to read Daniel’s personal experience of costly discipleship, agonizing failure and unlikely redemption. Gripping in its realism and yet thoroughly overlaid with holy hope, Walker’s book simultaneously rips open the veil over this dark world and issues a call for God-fearers around the world to rise up, speak out and take action.

It’s true. I’m not busting through the doors of brothels in east asia—or here in Chicago—to liberate girls from slavery. I work in a nice office in a nice suburb with nice people. But I do have the power to make a difference by exposing this horrific problem and supporting the people at the front lines like Daniel with my prayers, my money and my mouth. I hope you’ll consider reading God in a Brothel to learn more and consider how you’ll take your own stand.


There are many organizations working to fight trafficking in the US and around the world. Please learn more about them and prayerfully consider how you can support their work. You can make an eternal difference.

Free the Captives

Not for Sale

Abolish Child Trafficking

Polaris Project

Hagar International

Compassion International

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