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March 23, 2011

IVP Conference Happenings

Lately we’ve had several exciting opportunities to support our authors by attending conferences across the country. Here's a snapshot of just three of the most recent events. 

Big Tent Christianity


In February, online print publicist Adrianna Wright attended Big Tent Christianity, a newer event with the goal to “bring people together from across the country to proclaim what unites us as followers of Jesus in this modern world.” This particular Big Tent event was a relatively small affair held at Church of the Beatitudes in Phoenix, AZ. Here, Mark Scandrette, author of the forthcoming Practicing the Way of Jesus, spoke on cultivating mission, creating a “Jesus Dojo,” and what emerging Christianity looks like.



A few weeks later, Adrianna also attended the Jubilee conference, an event for the Coalition of Christian Outreach (CCO) staff and their students, held at the David L. Lawrence Convention center in downtown Pittsburgh. At this established event, numerous IVP authors spoke at various plenary sessions, including Soong-Chan Rah, Walt Mueller, James Emery White, and Kent Annan (pictured here discussing his new book, After Shock).


In early March digital marketing manager Andrew Bronson had the opportunity to attend the SCUPE conference in Chicago. SCUPE is the Seminary Consortium for Urban Pastoral Education, an agency offering educational programs for pastors interested in better serving their urban communities. The conference focus this year was on peacemaking, and one of the speakers was our very own IVP author, Shane Claiborne. Along with his book, Becoming the Answer to Our Prayers (coauthored with Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove), IVP featured many of our newest social justice books including the Duke Center Resources for Reconciliation series, Social Justice Handbook, Mobilizing Hope by Adam Taylor and the most recent book from Mark Labberton, The Dangerous Act of Loving Your Neighbor.

IVP is committed to publishing books on critical topics like social justice and peacemaking, and conferences like SCUPE help spread the word about these relevant resources. To find out more about SCUPE and their mission, please visit scupe.org.

A Look Ahead

We're also revving up for another great Q conference this year. The Q Gathering meets to bring the church and our cultural leaders together to explore ways we can express the Gospel in our modern cultural context. If you’ll be in Portland between April 27-29, come check it out! Our own Adam Taylor was just added to the exciting speaker lineup, and you won't want to miss him. For more information, please visit qideas.org

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