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February 21, 2011

eBooks are Here!


With the recent launch of the Google Bookstore, we’re pleased to offer you an additional venue to find all of your favorite IVP ebooks. We now have over 250 titles available, including classics, such as The Universe Next Door and Too Busy Not to Pray, and newer releases, such as The Leadership Ellipse, Justification and Mobilizing Hope.

According to director of digital publishing, Sally Craft, “We are making available as many of our titles in as many digital formats and through as many resellers as possible—including at our IVP Online webstore—so that customers can choose how they’d like to read our books.”


For Amazon’s Kindle, for instance, you’ll find over 600 titles ranging from new releases, such as The Accidental Anglican, Defending Constantine and The Dangerous Act of Loving Your Neighbor, to popular books that have been around for a while, such as Jesus Through Middle Eastern Eyes and Know What You Believe.

We’ve recently partnered with ChristianBook.com to make their books available in ePub format. Current titles available include a variety of ministry resources, such as The Big Book on Small Groups, The Glory of Preaching and Sustainable Youth Ministry.

We're also teaming up with ReadHowYouWant to offer 63 titles for large-print, Braille and DAISY print-on-demand editions. “Partnering with ReadHowYouWant allows us to make our books accessible in formats we are not able to publish on our own, and we are excited about expanding the ministry of our books to a wider audience,” notes International Rights Manager Ellen Hsu.


Complete details of all our digital offerings can be found at Ye Olde eBook Shoppe.

Happy eReading!

-The Behind the Books Team

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If I am correct, IVP is only currently offering 11 eBooks Direct from IVP? These are the only ones eligible for the staff 60% discount, correct? When will more be made available here?

Comment by: Joshua Foster at February 22, 2011 2:08 PM

I'm very glad to see IVP embracing ebooks. I've been buying IVP books since the eighties, but I'm now solidly sold on ebooks, not wanting to purchase anymore new books in paper. I've noticed that most new IVP books are published as ebooks, too. Over the next few years, I may slowly replace some (but perhaps not all) of my print books with ebooks, so in that sense you may get two sales from me for the same book.

There's another advantage in ebooks, too, that no book ever need go "out of print." It's no secret that even "good" books go out of print. I'd love to get a Kindle version of Calvin Miller's The Philippian Fragment, which is an IVP book no longer in print.

Comment by: R. Mansfield at February 25, 2011 8:55 AM

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