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January 15, 2011

Preview Our Books at Scribd!

We want you to know, without doubt, that the book you buy is the book you need.

That’s why, for several years, we have been using Amazon Search Inside and Google Preview to allow you to view as much as 20% of any book. Now, we are pleased to share large, uncut excerpts and extras from our newest books for free download at Scribd (see www.scribd.com/intervarsitypress).

At Scribd, you will find a growing number of PDF excerpts of our latest titles that include

  • full color covers
  • tables of contents
  • short description pages with helpful links
  • full chapter picked by the editor

Books from authors like Ruth Haley Barton, Sean Gladding, Dallas Willard, Alister McGrath and N. T. Wright are all available for preview. And we plan to release at least four new titles a month from IVP Academic, IVP Books, Likewise and Formatio—all simultaneous to or even before the release of the print edition.

We have also posted our entire collection of catalogs.

Don’t see a book you’d like to preview? Contact us and we will do our best to post it quickly. Have more questions about a book? Try a link from the description page at the beginning of the PDF at Scribd or check IVP Online.

We hope that this will be a valuable service to you as you dig deeply into your faith—and, we hope, into InterVarsity Press books!

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