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September 4, 2009

Yes, We Do Have Books for Your Kindle!

Several loyal readers have asked us recently if we offer digital versions of our books.

Our answers are “Yes” and “Almost.”

First, the “Yes”

Already there are more than 200 InterVarsity Press books available for Amazon.com’s Kindle. You can visit the Kindle store and search for “InterVarsity Press” to see their listing. Or you can download our list as either a PDF or an XLS document. To pique your interest, here are the top 10 IVP downloads for the Kindle since January 2009:

  1. Jesus Through Middle Eastern Eyes by Kenneth E. Bailey
  2. Finding God in the Shack by Roger E. Olson
  3. Culture Making by Andy Crouch
  4. Hearing God by Dallas Willard
  5. Pocket Handbook of Christian Apologetics by Peter Kreeft and Ronald K. Tacelli
  6. Too Busy Not to Pray Bill Hybels
  7. Just Courage by Gary A. Haugen
  8. Fabricating Jesus by Craig A. Evans
  9. The God Conversation by J. P. Moreland and Tim Muehlhoff
  10. Invitation to Solitude and Silence by Ruth Haley Barton

Next, the “Almost”

We’re working on making the same titles now available on the Kindle also available via our site and a variety of other sites for other digital reading devices. It may be a few more months before we can launch our first products, though. Please check back with us now and then—we’ll announce our ebooks in a variety of places, including in our Ye Olde eBook Shoppe.

Let us know what reading devices, reading platforms, ebook stores and titles are your favorites. It will help us with our planning.

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Here's a vote for whatever format works with Barnes & Noble's new e-reader "Nook".

Comment by: John at November 13, 2009 7:22 PM

Hi, John.

Yes, we do plan to work with Barnes & Noble, too. We're slower getting started with them, because, unlike with the Amazon.com Kindle program, we need to create our own ebook files to send to Barnes & Noble. I hope you will start to see some of our titles on the Nook by mid-2010--maybe sooner if we can free up the budget money for extra help!

Comment by: Sally Sampson Craft at November 16, 2009 5:21 PM

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