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June 15, 2009

We're Changing Behind the Books

For all of you who are following Behind the Books, we want to announce a few changes we are making to the blog this summer.

Our plans include adding a few more writers to our blogging team:

  1. Our publicity managers, Heather Mascarello, Adrianna Wright and Krista Carnet, will post about upcoming events and about books that relate to daily news and cultural trends.

  2. More of our new authors will post about the message or ministry they hope to advance with their books.

  3. Our acting director of digital publishing, Sally Craft (that’s me), will keep you up to date on our efforts in getting IVP books available in a variety of downloadable formats and from a variety of sources—like on Amazon.com’s Kindle.

We hope to post more often and about a wider variety of topics. Please let us know what you want to hear about!

Until then, start the summer by taking an imaginary trip to the Middle East. Lots of readers are telling us that Jesus Through Middle Eastern Eyes is one of their favorites for informational as well as devotional reading.

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