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April 28, 2009

An End

This is my last chance to share my thoughts on IVP and my experience. I would like to say something profound or entertaining or useful. I don't really know if that will happen, but this is what I know: I am very thankful.

I wanted experience working at a book publisher that was not in New York. I wanted to graduate college in three years with internship experience. I got these things.

"Awesome coworkers," however, was not necessarily on my list of requirements for an internship. Who knew that there were so many funny and joyful people all bunched in a little corner of Westmont, Illinois? Not I! They were all very willing to help me learn and to let me explore publishing experiences I might not have otherwise.

Things I will miss:

- Audrey greeting me at the door every morning.
- Discussing crosswords/finding crosswords from Dave Page on my desk.
- Allison and Lisa Rieck doing cute sisterly things like getting hot cocoa together.
- Finding ridiculous proposals in the slush pile.
- Being able to read any IVP book when I feel like it. Even unpublished ones.
- The editorial staff in general.
- IVP in general.

My advice to future interns: work hard and be open to critique. Even though you get to be on the dishing end a lot as an editor, as an intern you should search for constructive criticism. For example, I "can't wait" to see the comments I get on this blog. It's like eating broccoli: I know it's good for me.

Something I did not happen to ask for is a sluggish (to say the least?) economy. This is the part where I am forced to spit out understanding or a silver lining or something like that. You can make your own up if you like. I'll just say, "No one said life is easy."

I'm not worrying, though. I am moving home for the summer at least and plan to continue (or start, really) my job search. IVP's kept me pretty busy, so I haven't been looking too much. I will happily accept any job search tips; it's a tricky business.

Part of the point of this internship was to determine if I wanted to have a career in publishing. And the answer is... I'm still not sure. I certainly like working in publishing and will pursue jobs in the field, but at this point I still don't think I have a set destination for my career. If you have any out-of-the-ordinary career ideas that you always wish you had tried, please list below.

If you are looking to learn, IVP is great. If you are looking for fun, IVP is great. If you are looking to publish the next Harry Potter, IVP, is not so great. But it is a good place to get a solid start, and somewhere I am sad to leave.

So, in conclusion, thanks to everyone at IVP who in a unique way contributed to my foray into the publishing world!

Signing Out,
Michelle Read
Soon-to-be-former IVP intern


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Farewell. It was a delight reading your thoughts and experiences. I can understand the whole internship experience, as I was an intern (in a design field) three years ago. The branding company I interned at was awesome and I had waited for two years for that position. However when I left (with bittersweet emotion), I realized that designing brands wasn't for me. So I headed into publishing industry and to this day, I've enjoyed it.

I hope that goes the same to you. Best wishes.

Comment by: Nikku at April 30, 2009 5:36 PM

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