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March 7, 2009

Introducing the New Intern

Publishing is hard work. We make it look so simple, I know: pretty little books with clever little sentences all strung together, effortlessly circumnavigating the globe and known universe to greet their audiences with a chipper “Hello!” and a promise of great reward. You want copies of The Hermeneutical Spiral and Circles of Belonging to hop in a box together and travel the thousands of miles from our distribution center to your church’s library? No problem: just point and click.

Blogging is hard work too—so hard that this blog has needed three of us to maintain it, with occasional outside support from authors, coworkers and, now, an intern. One of the nice things about authors is that they enjoy writing and are passionate about at least the subject of their book, so it’s often not all that difficult for them to come up with five- to eight-hundred words to share with our readers. One of the nice things about coworkers is that they can fill in the blanks of our understanding about our industry, so their occasional foray into blogging helps to fill out the content of Behind the Books. And one of the nice things about interns is that you can make them do pretty much anything you want.

That’s not the only nice thing about interns, of course, and it’s far from the only nice thing about our current intern, Michelle Read. Michelle, a senior at Hope College majoring in English, has busied herself for a few weeks now with writing reviews of draft manuscripts, proofreading catalog copy, filing paperwork, archiving reprints, brainstorming book titles and any number of other tasks essential to the publishing process. She’s learning a fair bit along the way and processing what she’s learning whenever she can gather together some free time and space. And now we’ve figured out a way to commandeer that free time and space: we’re going to make her blog her way through her internship.

Check in here regularly over the course of spring 2009 for updates on what Michelle is learning and how she’s adjusting to life in the big city, life in an office building, life in an industry. If you’ve been wondering what life behind the books is really like, if you’ve been curious how IVP keeps generating so many addenda and errata, if you’ve suspected that Andy’s unedited thoughts are too well-formed to have not undergone editorial scrutiny, if you’ve worried just how far and deep the strangeness and dimness at IVP extends—here’s your chance. We’re not paying her, so she’s not gonna lie for us.

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Ha! I loved that last line. So. If you pay me, I'm obligated to... fib?

Comment by: L.L. Barkat at March 14, 2009 4:24 PM

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