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February 25, 2009

See the Movie; Don't Wait for the Book

Some of our books have been turned into movies! Well, not really, but we’ve created videos to profile a number of our books. They’re all viewable from our website, but many of them are also available on YouTube. Here’s the top ten, according to the number of times they’ve been viewed on that site as of this morning. Check them out to get a feel for the books and their authors.

1. Evil and the Justice of God

2. Basic Christianity, 50th Anniversary Edition

3. Just Courage

4. Culture Making

5. The Dawkins Delusion

6 (Tie). Misquoting Truth

6 (Tie). Strengthen the Soul of Your Leadership

8. Fabricating Jesus

9. Too Busy Not to Pray, 10th Anniversary Edition

10. Gracism

There are plenty others, along with videos related to the books but not posted by us, including James Choung’s two-part video describing his True Story. So if you find yourself thinking, I wonder what Love Is an Orientation author Andrew Marin’s voice sounds like, truck on over to YouTube and wonder no more.  

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