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February 16, 2009

Meet Todd Hunter

Meet Todd Hunter, author of the just-released book Christianity Beyond Belief. Todd is a well-traveled speaker and leader (he recently stepped down from leading Alpha USA to start his own ministry), and this is his first book. In honor of his release we have asked him to write a few blogs to introduce his book.

From Todd Hunter:

“Discipleship is not something you learn. A disciple is someone you become.”

My response to this quote from Jim Griffith and Bill Easum in *Ten Most Common Mistakes Made by New Church Plants *(Chalice Press, 2008) is yes and no—but mostly yes.

We tend to think of discipleship as only content—subject matter found in a curriculum guide or a book; content that can be reduced to words that fill in the blanks on an outline we keep in a notebook. In actuality, discipleship is a whole-life, embodied and social reality. This is the major, true and useful idea from the quote above: discipleship has a conceptual, cognitive component. At the same time it cannot be reduced to just that. To use a $45 word, but one perfectly suited for our use here, we could say that discipleship is not coterminous with content. Discipleship includes learning doctrine, Christian history, theology and so on, but it also goes way beyond it. It has to do mainly with following Jesus—learning to live our lives as he would live them if he were in our particular place.

Obviously to follow Jesus well we have to know enough right things about him—his worldview, values, way-of-life—to actually imitate his model in our lives. Having thought about this with me for a couple minutes, I’ll bet you can see where this is going: learning is not just content. Learning, in the sense of the ability to imitate and embody worldview and value system has to do with our whole being—body, soul, mind, heart and social self.

So thanks Jim and Bill. It is true: Discipleship is not something you learn. A disciple is someone you become.

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