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September 12, 2008

Publishers Weekly on IVP's books and authors

The Sept. 1 issue of Publishers Weekly featured several IVP-related items.The article "Emergent and Beyond" mentions Tom Sine's The New Conspirators as a guide to understanding the differences between emerging, missional, mosaic and neomonastic Christianity. I was quoted a few times commenting on the phenomenon of emergent (and non-emergent) books. Our forthcoming book by Julie Clawson (working title of Everyday Justice is not final) was mentioned, and Julie was quoted on the topic of emerging female authors.

There was also a profile of Shane Claiborne and Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove, coauthors of our new book Becoming the Answer to Our Prayers. Jana Riess writes,

Becoming the Answer to Our Prayers: Prayer for Ordinary Radicals (IVP, Oct.) marries Claiborne's activism with the “new monastic” outlook of coauthor and fellow sojourner Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove, and argues that prayer should be actively engaged in changing the world.
“There are lots of good books on why we pray and different ways to pray,” says Wilson-Hartgrove, who cites excellent books on prayer by Philip Yancey, Mother Teresa and Brother Lawrence. “But this is a book about becoming the answer to our prayers. It's about how God wants to transform us and our way of life through the prayers Scripture teaches us to pray,” including the Lord's Prayer and Jesus' prayer for unity in John 17.

And the issue also included a nice review of Reconciling All Things, the first volume in the Resources for Reconciliation series. This is a partnership between IVP and the Duke Divinity School Center for Reconciliation, and the first book is by the Center's codirectors, Emmanuel Katongole and Chris Rice. PW says of the book: "Against a background of difference, the two argue for a vision of reconciliation that is neither trendy nor pragmatically diplomatic, neither cheaply inclusive nor heedless of the past."

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