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August 12, 2008

I Don't Want the Money, I Just Want the Stuff

I suppose it's flattering to know that what you do for a living can influence some people's decision about what to do for a living. I'd like to think it's a well-edited idea that triggers some unsuspecting reader's openness to the call of God on their lives. But as often as not, it's the perks, as playfully confessed by Mike Hickerson, associate director of the Emerging Scholars Network:

The first time I ever considered joining InterVarsity staff was when I discovered that staff received a discount on IVP books.

The enticement of cheap literature didn't seal the deal for Mike, but it apparently got him thinking. Read the whole piece here.

In the early days of InterVarsity's campus ministry, every field staffer got a copy of every IVP book. Of course, back then there were only about a hundred staff and we published maybe twenty to twenty-five books a year. There are now over a hundred books published every year, and over a thousand staff with ever-dwindling free time for reading. The times, they have been a changin'.

InterVarsity staff do still get a tasty discount and an occasional box of free stuff, however, so if that's what motivates you to "establish and advance . . . witnessing communities of students and faculty who follow Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord," more power to you. Send your resume here.

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