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July 10, 2008

Check All That Apply

I has some exciting news this morning. Sundee Frazier, author of Check All That Apply, is going to be on the Today Show on Friday, July 11, at 9:45 am (in all time zones). A new book she has written for Delacorte, Brendan Buckley's Universe and Everything in It, will be featured.

Sundee also recently forwarded to me the following email from a reader, Mark Crumbliss, about how her book Check All That Apply helped him in his ethnic identity formation. Mark has given permission for me to share it here.

I was a new student at UT San Antonio in the fall of 2002. I had looked online for different Christian organizations on campus before moving to San Antonio. I saw InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, although I knew very little about it. I had become a Christian about two years prior to that time. One of the staff workers, Eric Teague, gave me a book called Check All That Apply. I am a mixed person: my grandmother was from Mexico, her husband was half Italian and half French Canadian. On my dad's side, I think everything can be traced to Ireland or Scotland. Although I had spent most of my life more or less really ripped up inside about this. I never really talked about it or thought that I should really. The reasons for that were deep, but the book Check All That Apply really confronted some inner, self-directed hatred I had and exposed a wonderful image of people from all nations, tribes, and tongues working together (Rev 7:9-10).
That book was really difficult to read because of the straightforwardness of some of the content. I did finish it, though, because I knew I needed to do that. Usually now if people ask me what books have really been an influence in sorting through ethnic identity or social justice things, I will say, the Bible, Check All That Apply and The Autobiography of Martin Luther King, Jr. I believe that Check All That Apply is a part of God's plan for me to be free.
In case you are wondering, I am preparing for missionary service with Wycliffe Bible Translators in Cameroon at this time.
God bless you,
Mark Crumbliss

Sundee has a passion for encouraging multiracial people in find their journey toward wholeness. Both of her books deal with this too-seldom-explored topic. I commend them to you.

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