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June 3, 2008

Meet Heather, Adrianna and Krista

After a little more than a year of blogging, Al, Dave and I thought you might want to hear from some new voices. And Al and Dave are busy with other blogging endeavors. As for me, I am busy acquiring too many books. (Yes, I receive praise from my boss when I manage to reduce my workload!) So please meet our friends from the publicity department.

Heather Mascarello (writer of the recent Sex and Publi-city entry)--is our print publicity manager. This means that she submits manuscripts to key periodicals, developing relationships with magazine editors of all kinds. The stacks of reviews she generates are impressive.

Adrianna Wright is our internet publicity manager. Her specialities here include promoting our books among key bloggers as well as academic publicity. (Being on Facebook is part of her job!)

Krista Carnet handles radio and television publicity. Her realm of work has to do with getting authors interviews on key media outlets. And Krista loves to book interviews. She keeps our authors busy.

So watch for their bylines to pop up as they blog about what's happening with our books as they release into the world.

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