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May 22, 2008

Only Comfort

A day after Pentecost, when my church celebrated the confirmation of three artistic adolescents--the day they declared what they believe by word and image and began their adult journey of faith--I learned of the terminal illness of one of our authors. Dr. Steve Judah, a psychologist who addressed the delicate subject of marital infidelity with remarkable grace and sensitivity in his book Staying Together When an Affair Pulls You Apart, is suffering from esophogal cancer and has entered hospice. He's been journaling his experience at www.caringbridge.org, where he wrote the following creed, which I reprint here with his permission.


When I leave earth and my physical body . . .

I believe I will go into eternity and begin experiencing heaven, a real place, and have a new body.

I believe I will be called by a new name and go to a place that has been prepared for me.

I believe I will recognize my new name when I hear it.

I believe I will immediately be in the presence of loved ones who have gone before me into heaven.

I believe we will recognize one another and be able to touch, embrace one another and talk.

I believe we will have all our senses, such as smell, touch, taste—and perhaps some new senses too.

I believe we will have thoughts and emotions.

I believe we will somehow have access to everything we have now on planet earth that is good and whole plus we will have more, much more.

As eternity unfolds I believe I’ll have adventure after adventure that continues to flood me with deep fulfillment.

I believe I will be in the presence of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

I believe it will be a wonderful and an awe-inspiring experience that defies description.

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