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March 17, 2008

When God Shows Up on Campus by Don Everts

Don Everts is the author of a number of IVP books, including the widely read Jesus with Dirty Feet, the recent One Guy's Head series of postmodern apologetics, and the forthcoming I Once Was Lost with Doug Schaupp. He has been on InterVarsity staff in Colorado for over a decade, and he has just written the history of InterVarsity in the Rocky Mountains region. That history, When God Shows Up on Campus, is available for sale at Lulu.com as a print book, and it's also available for free download as a PDF.

The IVP connection to this is that there's a shout-out to IVP's very first book, Discovering the Gospel of Mark by Jane Hollingsworth. Back in the mid-1940s, college student Gene Thomas was waiting to pick up his date from her sorority. While in the foyer, he happened to glance at a magazine that was sitting on the coffee table. The magazine was called HIS, and it was published by InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. As he leafed through it, he happened across an ad for a book called Discovering the Gospel of Mark. Even though Gene was not yet an active follower of Christ, he was intrigued enough to order the book. He later got together with several guys from his dorm and used that book to start studying the Bible. Through that study, assisted by Hollingsworth's book, Gene encountered and was gripped by the dynamic person of Jesus Christ.

Gene eventually became a fired-up, committed, evangelistic Christian, and he went on to pioneer InterVarsity chapters at universities all over the Rocky Mountains. His legacy continues on through the generations of Christians who have had active witness throughout the region, including people like Don Everts today. Thousands of people have come to Jesus through InterVarsity's work there, and IVP is glad to have played a part in the process.

So take a look at When God Shows Up on Campus. Not only does it provide a nice summary of IVP's first book, it's an invigorating story of entrepreneurial campus ministry and God's providence and direction. Check it out.

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Hmmm... so God is showing up by Don? That's pretty cool.

Comment by: L.L. Barkat at March 20, 2008 8:26 PM

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