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February 21, 2008

Longing for More

I learned a long time ago that pastors love to hear something more specific about their preaching than, 'Nice sermon, pastor" (especially if those specifics don't involve the parishioner dragging out a Scofield Bible and correcting the pastor's Scripture interpretation). The same is true for authors! They love to hear from readers.

You might be surprised how little real input most authors (and editors for that matter) hear from the end readers. When we get some concrete input from how our books make a difference in someone's life, it fills another day at the office with purpose!

Here is some reader input on our book Longing for More that was happily received by the author, Ruth Haley Barton, and forwarded to me. The writer of this note has given permission for us to share her thoughts on this blog.

Dear Mrs. Barton,
Thank you so much for your work in Longing for More. I literally just finished it and felt moved to tell you that you gave voice to my own journey over the last two years; no, over a lifetime.

I was pregnant with my son, after giving birth to two daughters, when I began wrestling with this idea of gender. I have felt for my entire life that I was "wrongly born." My gifting and calling seemed more suited to a man's body. And yet, there I was. I withdrew and hid from my gifts in order to embrace being feminine. But when I discovered that I was carrying a boy an indefinable need to understand this idea of gender overtook me. I wanted to have a true sense of what made me a woman so that I could be clear in forming him into a man.

It was scary to open the door to this journey. I am a minister's wife who has atrophied in myself, not by my husband's desire but in order to be the correct minister's wife. Much of my reading and searching leaned over into
the world of feminism and I couldn't digest that. Parts of the dialogue were familiar but the conclusions were inconceivable.

Longing for More is the first link I have found to answer those parts of myself that are buried but still be a godly woman in the church. Thank you for showing me the place where the two parts of myself could meet again and begin to journey together for the first time.

Grace and peace,
Rhesa Higgins

If you want to read more, Rhesa has blogged about Longing for More at www.danceofthedevoteddaughter.blogspot.com.

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It is good to know that our words can get inside someone and open a long-locked heart.

Comment by: L.L. Barkat at February 22, 2008 9:15 AM

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