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January 17, 2008

Spiritual Formation for Authors

This post appeared on this blog in August, and it got spammed off the site over the holidays, so here it is again. Seems like a good post for anyone who's doing a January discernment process.

I find that sometimes people hit a point in their ministry and personal life where they need to write. What they have
learned in their vocational and spiritual life is ready to be offered to others. At that point there may be a lot that wants to come out of an author.

I was talking with Keith Meyer of Church of the Open Door about some different book writing ideas that he has. As
he's being pulled in a number of potential writing directions, he has worked with a spiritual director to outline some key questions for himself to use in deciding what to write. I think these are excellent questions for any author to consider. They are

What do I want?
What does the publisher want?
What do people want?
What does God want me to do?

Most likely, the place where all of those questions converge will be an excellent book.

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