IVP - Behind the Books - Shelf-Absorbed

July 20, 2007


Life is growth, right? InterVarsity Press is growing in all sorts of ways, and along the way we're experiencing some growing pains. In the past year we've added over thirteen thousand square feet of storage space, and now we're busy trying to fill it.

Filling new spaces involves making a lot of noise and disrupting a lot of normal procedures. Yesterday the metal shelving that formerly housed our editorial archives and files were dismantled so that they could be re-assembled in the expanded distribution center. That meant that the normally churchmousy editorial department sounded for a day like a kindergarten drum corps rehearsal. Meanwhile the page layout specialists--formerly known as typesetters--have been temporarily relocated from their offices (a large, open, windowed four-workstation palace, really) to the teeny-weeny windowless library, where we typically banish our teeny-weeny undergraduate interns one at a time, and where most of us would go only begrudgingly, say, during a tornado or some other apocalyptic event. Today we were put on notice that any coffee mugs we've left in the kitchen are now homeless, so that the construction crews can tear down one wall and put up another.

But the inconvenience of these growing pains, in another sense, is evidence that we are indeed growing. On the far side of this project we'll have more efficient systems for distributing our books, more space for special meetings, more workstations for new employees, more shelves for more books. In the end we'll even have room for more coffee cups and, more important, more coffee.

In the meantime please forgive us if we ask you to speak up when we talk on the phone; drum corps practice resumes any minute now.

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