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April 11, 2007

Wandering the Hallway

We actually get a lot of work done here at IVP. We publish about 100 new books a year that are sold and read all over the world.

Getting so much done might surprise you--especially if you ever hung out in the editorial hallway for any period of time. Editors frequently bounce out of their offices with interesting proposals to discuss, responses to the latest bit of publishing news, observations about the latest evangelical controversy or just a good joke. When we are feeling more introverted we will email to one another an interesting article, website or bit of news about one of our authors.

We find this interaction very stimulating, helpful to our work and just plain fun. Editors are a curiosity in the eyes of many. Some people envy the work we do—we are, after all, getting paid to read—while other people shudder at the thought. At the heart of it, we're a bunch of people who love good books and great ideas. Sometimes the things we encounter in our reading are so interesting that we have to share it with someone, so we wander out into the hallway, looking for a conversation partner. That's essentially what we're doing with this blog: wandering out of our offices, into your hallways, looking for a good conversation. Why not share all this good stuff with others? we thought. And so Behind the Books was born.

What will you find in this blog? Some of it will be like bonus features on a DVD, with behind-the-scenes stories, commentary and outtakes relating to IVP Books. Some of it will be whatever catches our fancy here in IVP's editorial hallway—a thought-provoking snippet from a forthcoming book, a link to an interesting article, observations on a current trend. We might weigh in on what’s going on in publishing, pass along IVP news or pose a question we're mulling over.

Whatever the case, we hope these blog posts will be of interest to those who are interested in the making, reading and pondering of books.

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